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Local Weather
Click for Virginia Beach, Virginia Forecast
Live NOAA weather audio
More in "Streaming Audio"

HRConnect live Streaming Audio
(Scroll down for the links)

Welcome to the HRConnect live streaming audio feeds. The links on this page are live audio feeds from radio receivers located in Southeastern Virginia provided soley by us. This service is provided free of charge by HRConnect and OceanViewCommunications . Outside direct linking to our streams is strictly prohibited without permission. We pay the bills, we want the credit.

Need help? Visit the Forums (link is on the left). There is a dedicated streaming audio forum. Feel free to email us at audio‎feeds@hrconnect.com Please put "HRC" in the subject line of the email. You will have to type that out, copy & paste will not work (a trick to fool spammers).

UPDATE January 29th, 2012
Two Streams are coming back up today. The Virginia Beach EMS Council has provided office space, internet connectivity and a digitial scanner to bring the VBEMS feeds back online. If anyone else wants to volunteer the same we will be happy to bring some of the other feeds back online. All we need is space for the PC, power and internet access. We would prefer commercial office space but would consider residences depending on location and access availability. Please contact us via the streaming forum.

UPDATE September 26, 2010
A number of the streams are down effective today due to the loss of a lease at one of the receiving sites where the radio's and the encoders are located. These streams have been provided for a number of years at no cost to the user. Given the amount of time and money involved in developing this service and the recurring costs with no income stream from the users or any other source I do not know when the streams that were terminated today will be available again. Feedback from those affected is welcome as is any offer to host the equipment to continue the streams. Feel free to email streams(at)oceanviewcom.com if you have suggestions or comments.

Live Audio Feeds
24 x 7 x 365 streaming audio from Hampton Roads

Hampton, Virginia audio feeds
Hampton Fire Department Dispatch Offline
Hampton Police Department Dispatch Offline

Norfolk, Virginia audio feeds
Norfolk International Airport Offline
HRT Light Rail Communications & Testing Offline
Norfolk Fire & Rescue [ ] Offline
Norfolk Police 1st and 3rd Precinct Dispatch Offline
Norfolk Police 2nd Precinct Dispatch Offline
NAS Norfolk - Chambers Field [ ] Offline
Norfolk - Live Burger King Drive Thru [ ] Offline
Norfolk - Live KFC/Taco Bell (combo) Drive Thru [ ] Offline

Virginia Beach, Virginia audio feeds
Virginia Beach Police 1st Precinct [ ] Offline
Virginia Beach Police 2nd Precinct [ ] Offline
Virginia Beach Police 3rd Precinct [ ] Offline
Virginia Beach Police 4th Precinct [ ] Offline
Virginia Beach EMS Orion Communications [ ] Online
Virginia Beach EMS VHF Communications [ ] Online

Chesapeake, Virginia audio feeds
Chesapeake Police Dispatch (p25d) Offline
Chesapeake Fire Dispatch Offline

Portsmouth, Virginia audio feeds
Portsmouth Police Dispatch [ ] Offline
Portsmouth Fire Dispatch [ ] Offline

Suffolk, Virginia audio feeds
Suffolk Police & Fire Dispatch [ ] Offline

Newport News, Virginia audio feeds
Newport News Police Dispatch Offline
Newport News Fire Dispatch Offline

Misc multi-city feeds from Southeastern Virginia
VA State Police, VDOT, Medical Emergencies
Nightengale, ODU Police [ ]
CSX and Norfolk Southern Railroad VHF Communications [ ] Offline
NOAA Weather Audio Feed [ ] Offline

Currently JavaRadio is offline because the inventor of the network has shut it down. We are working to get a stand alone version running but don't have a time frame when that might be due to software issues. They were used to remote control, Icom radio receivers. To tune in any frequency from anywhere in the world!

HRConnect/OVC JavaRadio #1
The first of two JavaRadios availible here.
Please visit our JavaRadio Help Page if you are new to using the JavaRadios.
JavaRadio1 Control Window
JavaRadio1 Audio (MP3)
HRConnect/OVC JavaRadio #2
The second of two JavaRadios availible here.
Please visit our JavaRadio Help Page if you are new to using the JavaRadios.
JavaRadio2 Control Window
JavaRadio2 Audio (MP3)
JavaRadio Service Radio
This radio is part of the JavaRadio network, for serious enthusiasts.
It is a subscription service, please visit JavaRadio homepage.
JavaRadio Audio (MP3)